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Contemporary small town romance with all your favorite tropes

Ella Spade is a small town romance addict with no recovery in sight. She lives in a small Georgia town with her grumpy on the outside but soft on the inside husband and their two spoiled rotten cats.

When she's not writing, Ella loves to cook, garden, and daydream about being at the beach. She's also learning how to paint with watercolors and it's likely she'll still be in the beginner phase for the rest of her life.

Southern Comfort Small Town Romance

Southern Comfort Small Town Romance

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When Enemies Fall

When Enemies Fall

From Ella Spade
Released on June 3, 2024
VAT included
CaitlinI try the brewery I'd heard about. The atmosphere is nice and the service is good. But the beer is just okay and the food is horrible.When I don't eat the bad food but do drink the beer, I get a little tipsy and start giving my opinions. They're not all that welcome by the... See more

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