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MICHAEL ERIC DYSON is an author, professor, and broadcaster. He grew up in Detroit, becoming an ordained minister at nineteen and working in factories to support his family. Dyson started college at twenty-one and went on to earn a Ph.D. in religious studies from Princeton University. Currently, Dyson is a professor of sociology at Georgetown University, host of “The Michael Eric Dyson Show” on NPR, contributing opinion writer for the New York Times, and contributing editor for the New Republic and ESPN’s website The Undefeated.


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La corrección política

Released on May 28, 2019
VAT included
¿La corrección política es enemiga de la libertad de expresión, el debate abierto y el intercambio de ideas? O, por el contrario, ¿reformulando el lenguaje para incluir en él a grupos minoritarios construimos una sociedad más justa e igualitaria? Algunos opinan que la corrección... See more

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