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Amy Cuddy is a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School who studies how nonverbal behavior and snap judgements affect people. Her research has been published in top academic journals and covered by NPR, NEW YORK TIMES, WIRED, FAST COMPANY, and more. Cuddy has been named a 'Game Changer' by TIME, one of '50 Women Who Are Changing the World' by BUSINESS INSIDER, and a 'Young Global Leader' by the World Economic Forum. Her 2012 TEDTalk is the second most-viewed talk in TED's history.

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El Poder de la Presencia

From Amy Cuddy
Released on October 10, 2016
VAT included
Cuando ejercemos nuestro poder personal, adquirimos presencia, entendida como la capacidad de expresar los propios pensamientos, sentimientos, valor y potencial de manera que resuenen y conecten con los demás. Amy Cuddy, reconocida psicóloga social y profesora de Harvard, afirma... See more

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