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I am interested in the future, and how we get there. Much of the writing that involves technology is either alarmist (variations on the Frankenstein theme) or fantastical (most of science fiction, with a few notable exceptions). To me the interesting bit is the near future where we can at least understand what is happening. What are the forces at work? Is the yawning gap between the 1% and the rest of us inevitable? As a young person I read almost all of Isaac Asimov's books and they set me on the path I have followed. I was a communications research engineer in Australia and Japan. Later I became a University professor. I am a touring cyclist and like nothing better than spending my days pedalling, and my nights stretched out in a tent.


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FIFA. La caída del imperio

Released on August 1, 2015
VAT included
Una completa investigación sobre la corrupción en la FIFA Cuando el FBI entró una madrugada de mayo de 2015 en unhotel cinco estrellas de Zúrich, buscando a dirigentes y ejecutivosvinculados con la FIFA y acusados de delitos como lavado de dinero,fraude y corrupción, la historia... See more

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