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Carolina Mangliers, born in 1989, lives in Jena with her little Japanese friend, Shiba Inu Fuki. Her love of Asia, especially Japan and South Korea, and her long-standing dream of writing a book have rekindled her passion for writing after more than a decade. When she's not busy creating new stories and losing herself in her dream world, she enjoys quiet relaxing moments with a good book, roaming through the breathtakingly beautiful nature of Thuringia or with a sweaty workout to organize her thoughts.

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Show me your S(e)oul

Released on May 25, 2024
VAT included
Nach reiflicher Überlegung beschließt Amelia, dass es an der Zeit ist, ihre Zelte in Deutschland abzubrechen und stattdessen ihre Träume zu verwirklichen. Ihr Ziel? Seoul - die pulsierende Metropole mit traditionellem Herz. Schon nach kurzer Zeit lernt sie den attraktiven Sung-ho... See more

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