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My past was dominated by rural pursuits. Contracting and then farming which included dairy, sheep and beef, and finally deer. Looking for a change, I moved to the city and dabbled in several business ventures. Writing novels was never considered in the early years, although from an early age, I enjoyed reading which led to writing short stories. But only for my own amusement.

With more time on my hands, I started reading more. Perhaps I suffered a mid-life crisis, I thought I could write a novel. And I did. Seven times. There is a saying practice makes perfect, that's what I'm striving for. In the meantime, while working towards this goal I am deriving bucket-loads of pleasure from concocting my suspense novels. I try to write something unpredictable, something which leaves the reader thinking I never saw that coming.

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Dare to Remember

Dare to Remember

Released on February 13, 2024
VAT included
Antonio performs a reckless act of bravado to avenge his murdered brother. Now he must suffer the consequences. His life by necessity must undertake a cataclysmic change. Years later when his past is all but forgotten, and he has forged a new and happy life in a new country a name... See more

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