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James Clavell, the son of a Royal Navy family, was educated in Portsmouth before, as a young artillery officer, he was captured by the Japanese at the Fall of Singapore. It was on this experience that his bestselling novel KING RAT was based. He maintained this oriental interest in his other great works: TAI-PAN, SHOGUN, NOBLE HOUSE and GAI JIN. Clavell lived for many years in Vancouver and Los Angeles, before settling in Switzerland, where he died in 1994.

The Asian Saga

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Released on February 29, 2024
VAT included
EL ÉXITO INTERNACIONAL EN EL QUE SE BASA LA NUEVA SERIE DE DISNEY+La clásica novela épica sobre el Japón feudal que cautivó el corazón de una cultura y la imaginación del mundo, escrita por James Clavell, autor best seller de The New York Times y maestro sin parangón de la ficción... See more

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