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Karin Smirnoff worked as a journalist before quitting her job to buy a wood factory. Her debut novel, My Brother, was nominated for the prestigious August Prize and has been optioned for TV by the producers behind The Bridge. In 2020 she completed her noir trilogy featuring Jana Kippo, which has now sold more than 500,000 copies in Sweden alone. In 2021 she was announced as the new writer for Stieg Larsson's Millennium series. The two writers come from the same area of northern Sweden.

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Áncora y Delfín

Áncora y Delfín


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Mientras existan hombres que no amen a las mujeres… Lisbeth Salander volverá. La nueva novela de la Serie Millennium, el fenómeno literario que ha atrapado a más de 105 millones de lectores, de la mano de Karin Smirnoff, autora revelación de la narrativa sueca. «Ningún escritor,... See more

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