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Over three decades ago, R. A. Salvatore created the character of Drizzt Do’Urden, the dark elf who has withstood the test of time to stand today as an icon in the fantasy genre. With his work in the Forgotten Realms, the Crimson Shadow, the DemonWars Saga, and other series, Salvatore has sold more than thirty million books worldwide and has appeared on the New York Times bestseller list more than two dozen times. He considers writing to be his personal journey, but still, he’s quite pleased that so many are walking the road beside him! R.A. lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Diane, and their two dogs, Dexter and Pikel. He still plays softball for his team, Clan Battlehammer, and enjoys his weekly DemonWars: Reformation RPG and Dungeons & Dragons 5e games. 


The Way of the Drow

Star Wars

Legado del drow

Reinos Olvidados

RO RUS Valle Viento Helado

Valle del Viento Helado

El Elfo Oscuro


La vuelta a casa

Sendas de Tinieblas

Los Mercenarios

DemonWars series


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Una novela Reinos OlvidadosAcabada la Guerra de la Marca Argéntea, los combatiente se toman un respiro mientras una nueva historia comienza en la serie de la Leyenda de DrizztLa oscuridad que había descendido sobre le Norte ha desaparecido, y un nuevo día amanece sobre un Mithril... See more

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