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English author William Hope Hodgson (1877-1918) was known for his works of horror and science-fiction. His first story, The Goddess of Death, was published in 1904. The Night Land, his last printed effort, was published in 1918. Hodgson was also renowned as a photographer and a bodybuilder. He died in battle during World War I at the age of 40.

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Los botes del Glen Carrig

Los botes del Glen Carrig

Released on August 4, 2016
VAT included
En Los botes del Glen Carrig (1907), primera novela publicada por Hodgson, cuyo largo subtitulo descriptivo anticipa el estilo dieciochesco de esta narracion, relata en forma de diario las desventuras de los supervivientes del barco Glen Carrig. See more

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